Another single release project using Scott’s post-apocalyptic, industrial techno alter-ego, was the 12” Masters of the Vortex (incorrectly labelled on the original release as “Master of Vortex”), which has recently been changing hands for large sums on the pre-loved market. There was a double album presented to ACV in 93 for a release proposal, which was rejected on the grounds of being "to hard"!!! This is now released here for the first time as the Iconoclast album.
Recorded in 1993

Iconoclast - LP

Previously un-released
Recorded in  1993.
Review of only Razor-Heed Release, also from 1993 Masters of the Vortex but not recorded at the Art Edit studio.
Blog May 23, 2005
Probably the only Hot Trax truly worth playing. In that respect it really stands out from the rest of them. Heavily underrated, this one deserves a rating of 6 on a scale of 5! Very clear, dark, slamming acid that deserves a 25K or more soundsystem to make its way to your ears.
Track List:
1) Hunt & Destroy [AER]
2) Mind Control [AER]
3) Space and Time [AER]
4) The Analysis [AER]
5) Data Ram [AER]
6) Noir [AER]
7) Shut Down [AER]
8) The Sentinel [AER]
9) Photon Attack [AER]
10) The Abyss [AER]
11) The Union [AER]
12) The Last Message [AER]
All tracks composed, produced and
performed by Scott E Hodgson.
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Razor-Head - Iconoclast LP