Inspired by what might be considered the earliest attempt to revisit the short lived electro genre since the 80’s by Scott Edwards “Robot:Robot” track on the Man Machine EP. The Majic-12 name was used to fuel Scott’s interest in the  exploration of both retro and forward looking tracks to fulfil the destiny he felt the genre  deserved, before it was mutated into and overtaken by early hip-hop.
The Majic-12 were formed as an imaginary and legendary breakdance crew from Detroit USA. The original releases even cited that they were recorded at Decoy Studios Detroit MI, but this was all part of the fiction and were in fact all recorded by Scott at Art Edit.   
Recorded between 1995 - 1999
Majic-12 - Back to Skool LP

Back to Skool  - LP

Previously Released 1999.
MUZIK March 1999
Old skool electro with nowt taken out. Like DMX Krew and Deejay Punk-Roc, Majic-12 don't bother trying to pass (his, actually) music off as anything other than back-to-85 snap-crackle -and-pop electro that it blatantly is. No new Skool posturing or clever techno referencing here: just strict DMX and 808 workouts glued together with the occasional sample. Fortunately 'B-Boy Blues' and 'The Concrete Kingdom' prove that electro can still summon the brute-force electronic funk that made it the second most important dance music of the Eighties. Admittedly, some moments veer towards pastiche, but largely " Back To Skool" packs grooves sharp and icy enough to slice your speaker cones to shreds and then give Jack frost's hypothermic ass a run for its money.
                                                                                              Kevin Braddock
Track List:
1) Fusion DMX [AER]
2) Its Time [AER]
3) B-Boy Blues [AER] (1998)
4) Majic-12 Vs The Egyptian [AER]
5) Back to Skool [AER]
6) Funk Brain IV [AER]
7) Freak (Une, Deux, Trois) [AER]
8) Concrete Kingdom [AER] (1998)
All tracks composed, produced and
performed by Scott E Hodgson.
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Majic-12 - The Return and Revenge 12"

The Return and Revenge - 12"

Previously Released 1997.
NME 22nd March 97
SERIOUSLY ILL electro stomper in which US super heros Majic-12 prove their undisputed old skool creed and package it in possibly the best sleeve ever. Roll out the lino!
                                                                                              Kevin Braddock

MELODY MAKER 12th April 97
Two tracks that unashamedly follow the blueprint of eighties electro beat for beat and which haven't even bothered to prepare a defence. If you want b-boy action you could have snatched in 1985 but with contemporary production, hit the breaks. Roland ricochets, wavering thin strings, cheap stabs, grandmaster samples and breakdancing Action Man dolls on the cover.
Track List:
1) The Return [AER]
2) The Revenge of the Majic-12 [AER]
All tracks composed, produced and
performed by Scott E Hodgson.
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Majic-12 - Untitled 12"

Untitled - 12"

Previously Un-released
Recorded in 1996.
Track List:
1) Long Way Home [AER]
2) Metro is Sick (Ill Version) [AER]
All tracks composed, produced and
performed by Scott E Hodgson.
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Majic-12 - The Last Battle 12"

The Last Battle - 12"

Previously Released 1996.
Blog Sunday, 12 July 2009
This is a mysterious looking one-sided 12" on the Beau Monde label that's got a mental 'post-apocalyptic' story etched onto the other side! The guy who produced it is Scott Edward, who also did stuff as Uriel if that helps.

It's brilliantly old-skool spacey electro in sound, but somehow manages to sound up-to-date as well (well, 1995 up-to-date anyway). It gets 4/4 after about 5 mins and would be a great tune to build up a set with.

A lost wee gem, which I'd completely forgotten about until spotting it just there. Go check it oot...
Phillip T. Love, frontman said...
Sweet Jesus - I've been hoping someone would post this for years. A stone-cold nu electro classic and no mistake. 'The Return and Revenge of the Majic-12' is another slice of vinyl heaven and is well worth checking out.
Blog 16 July 2009 at 19:35
I coudn't find much information about the artist and the label, so if you have any additional infos, please contact me, because I'm very eager to learn more about this guy and the label.

"The Last Battle" is the fourth release on the Beau Monde label, produced by Scott Edward Hodgson aka Majic-12 who also released super dope funk and disco under the alias Uriel.

This is a funky electro jam with a new twist. You can definitely hear the old-school influence but he managed to give it a new direction, something, that in my opinion not many artists have succeeded in (in regard to an original old-school 80s electro flavour).

There is no track on the B-side, only a cut in text:
In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, that was once the Earth, twelve men stand poised to battle out the last dying seconds of a sick planet. The two surviving crews, in their anti-radiation track suits, face each other for the last ever burnoff.

For twelve days and twelve nights they turn their tricks of precicion and provocation, when without warning the desolate sky folds in on itself and they are erased for ever in a deafening silence.

The twelve breakers of the last hour pass through to the other side of consciousness, to a life beyond life, an existence beyond existence, where they battle for eternity on a lino so vast in every direction, that it stretches the minds concept of distance.

Here they will stay crystallised for ever as immortals of a street paradise."

Scott Edward's base camp, Beau Monde, has been releasing quality Detroit-influenced techno for about a year now, and this track shows where its roots are firmly locked. 'The last Battle' relies heavily on electro, with Herbie Hancock influence lurking in the foreground. A long rumbling electro breakdown at the beginning makes this a gem, especially when it slams into breakbeat balminess and shady acid oblivion. The beginning of a long and ultimately successful battle.
                                                                                                     Joanne Wain

It's worth buying this tasty bit of neuvo electro just to check out the cool etchings on the flipside. But if , as so many people do, you insist on some music on your records, the single side of computerised beats and badness should suit you just fine. Rock Steady Are You Ready?
                                                                                                    Black Market
Track List:
1) The Last Battle (Part I) [AER]
2) The Last Battle (Part II) [AER]
All tracks composed, produced and
performed by Scott E Hodgson.
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