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Art Edit is the digital label created as a home to all the material recorded  by Scott. E. Hodgson under various pseudonyms at Art Edit Studios from 1993 to the present day. 
Born in 1971 in Bristol, England, Scott E.Hodgson, who was once described as "Britain's best kept secret" by Melody Maker, began creating music as a classic bedroom producer using whatever equipment he could muster. Scott achieved his first commercial releases through the Italian ACV Record’s “Hot Trax” and “Out of Orbit” imprints, under the Pseudonyms of “Razor-Heed” and “Scott Edward”. From the first Scott Edward release, all his recording were created in his new studio which he named “Art Edit”, which would subsequently move to various locations in the areas surrounding Bath and Bristol in the UK. 
Sadly in 2002 the studio was broken into and ransacked, leaving little equipment left to continue his musical journey. This also contributed to the break-up of the Beau Monde record label, that he co-founded in 1995.  Due to the decisions of the label manager and purely commercial timings, it was never possible to give all his material a commercial release.
This is where Art Edit the digital label comes in. This label has been created to release as much of this original material as possible in a re-mastered state for digital download. This includes much new material from the vaults of the studio that has never been heard before and that is in every way as good as the material that did get commercial releases at the time.
New York Edition

The best techno songs of all time, according to Reade Truth

By Vivienne van Vliet and Reade Truth|Posted: Friday February 26 2016

The legendary New York DJ and producer shares 28 essential and highly-influential techno records from his collection

We've already done a handful of features on our personal favorites, whether it be the best party songs, the top dance music albums as of late or the best house tracks ever. So, we decided it was time to switch things up a little this time around. Coming up with a list of the best techno songs of all time is a big undertaking—and who else more fitting for the task than New York native and techno pioneer Reade Truth? Below, the DJ and producer shares his 28 techno essentials, including rare-to-come-by singles, EPs and albums:

Scott Edward, Men and Machines (1994)
Not a household name—and that’s what techno is all about. This man’s records are some of the most sought after. When everyone else was playing gabber, he was already time traveling back from the future.

Scott E.Hodgson Discography

Artist Pseudonym    Title                                                                              Format                   Label                         Cat No.                   Year                                                                                         ​​
Razor-Heed                 Masters of the Vortex ‎                                      12" Single             Hot Trax                  HT2923                  1993
Scott Edward              Dreaming Of Delta City ‎                                  12" EP                    Out Of Orbit        OOO2                      1993
Scott Edward              Distant Horizons ‎                                                CD Album             Out Of Orbit        CDOOO1              1994
Scott Edward              Stop the Idea Assassins                                   12" Single              Out Of Orbit        OOO3                     1994
Scott Edward              Men and Machines                                             12" EP                     Out Of Orbit        OOO5                     1994
Scott Edward              Electronic Espionage                                        12" Single              Fifth-Freedom     FIVE 03                  1995
Ultra-Modern Art    Absolute Before Obsolete                             12" Single             Beau Monde          BM001                   1995
Uriel                                 Do Androids Dream Of Electric Jazz? ‎    12" Single             Beau Monde          BM002                   1995
Lexx                                  Blue Panic ‎                                                               12" Single             Beau Monde          BM003                   1996
Majic-12                        The Last Battle            ‎                                         12" Single              Beau Monde         BM004                   1996
Uriel                                 Jazz Roux            ‎                                                     12" Single              Beau Monde         BM005                   1996
Majic-12                        The Return and Revenge                                12" Single              Beau Monde         BM008                   1997
Uriel                                 Funk Attack Phenomenon ‎                            12" Single              Beau Monde         BM009                   1997
Uriel                                 Under Compulsion                                            CD Album, LP      Beau Monde          BMCD/LP001    1997
Majic-12                        B-Boy Blues / The Concrete Kingdom ‎    7" Single                Beau Monde         BM015                   1998
Uriel                                 Compulsive Remixes                                        12” Single               Beau Monde         BM016                   1998
Scott Edward              Phlash                                                            ‎           12" Sing le              Numbers                 n002                        1998
Majic-12                        Back to Skool ‎                                                       CD Album, LP      Beau Monde         BMLP/CD002     1999
Uriel                                 The Cougar ‎                                                           12" Single               Beau Monde         BM017                    1999
Uriel                                 Only What Is                                                         12” Single               Beau Monde         BM018                    1999
Uriel                                 Exploits                                                                    CD Album, LP      Beau Monde          BMCD/LP004    2000
Uriel                                 Exploits (The Remixes) ‎                                  12" Single               Beau Monde          BM024                   2001
  In addition, the following tracks were released as part of compilations, but did not appear on any other releases:

Artist Pseudonym     Track Title                          Album Title                                   Format                          Label                                                 Release No.               Year                            
Uriel                                   Space is Forever            Fresh Emissions                          2xCD/LP Comp       Emissions Audio Output      SOP 005CD/LP       1995
Uriel                                   Andromeda Session    Fresh Emissions                          2xCD/LP Comp       Emissions Audio Output      SOP 005CD/LP       1995
Ultra-Modern Art      Livin’  Freestyle              The Kudos Digest: issue B    CD Comp                    Kudos Records                           Kudcd7                        1995

Studio Gear

The following is a list of music gear that was used at Art Edit studios to create  the various productions, up to 2002 :

Synthesisers/Keyboards (A-Z):

Fender Rhodes
Korg M1
Oberheim Matrix 6
Roland JD800
Roland SH-09
Roland SH-101
Sequential Circuits Six-Trak
Yamaha DX-7
Yamaha DX27
Yamaha DX100

Synthesiser Moduals (A-Z):

Cheetah MS6
Emu-Systems Vintage Keys
Korg EX-800
Roland MT32
Waldorf Microwave XT
Yamaha TX81z
Yamaha TX802

Samplers (A-Z):

Akai CD3000XL
Casio FZ-1
Emu-Systems Emax
Emu-Systems ESI-4000

Drum Machines (A-Z):

Linn 9000
Linn LinnDrum
Roland TR-606